F&F and a Mercy Girl

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to join two other amazing women to go and serve the young residents of Mercy Multiplied. During those two weeks, we created a new culture of creativity, hope, and inspiration within the home and saw many of the girls break free from shame, depression, guilt, and other traumas. My name is Mary Margaret (known by many of the girls as M&M) and I am exciting to be sharing with you, FNF fam, a firsthand encounter with the new Freedom & Fashion program grads.

This encounter begins with my experience mentoring, teaching, and guiding the girls to unveil their true beauty and reckon with the miraculous life force within them. Although many of the girls entered our program downtrodden, frustrated, and at odds with themselves, by the second week, I began to smell a certain spirit of hope and inspiration in all of our midsts.

Each day, the girls showed up with eager expectancy and during class one day, as I stood before the young women speaking the Word of god, a small burn began to grow within me as embers in a fire.

Every one of the young ladies we served at Mercy had taken hold of a strength and courage ready to ignite the world… to set it ablaze with transformative love, compassion and courage.  

The room was pregnant with growing influential leaders– an army of game changers to be launched into the nations. Oh how bright and fierce these warrior princesses shine! I can not wait for the world to see what was birthed in those divine moments of creativity.

I am reminded of these sweet words in the scriptures,  “But some seeds fell into good ground, and brought forth fruit – some HUNDREDFOLD, some SIXTYFOLD, some thirtyfold.”

I looked out at the beautiful young ladies sitting in our classroom. I knew many of them were overcoming extreme traumas ranging from depression, self-harm, eating disorders, to sexual abuse and other crimes against humanity.

But pain is not what I saw.

In the stillness something strange and unexpected happened. My eyes transformed as I sensed an undeniable presence.

The Freedom and Fashion Girl is unlike any girl you’ve ever met. She is at times discouraged…at times brokenhearted.

Above all else, she is hungry and determined. She lives in the present. She is a breeding ground for love. She is influential and her voice will be heard.

Her heart beats like a drum announcing the arrival of the Healer. Her head lifts to the sky in proclamation of His freedom. She is clothed in strength and dignity because she knows she walks boldly and confidently before the throne of Grace.

In such a short span of time, such miraculous growth took place in the Mercy home as Freedom and Fashion stepped foot on soft soil.The Word did not return void. Before my very eyes I saw a shift occur in each girl one by one. As she sketched, painted, and imagined, each girl created a new inner reality for herself.  A hundredfold sprouted from each seed of creativity and life-giving words of mentorship.

Some found their life purpose and mission to create a better tomorrow for other young ladies to come. Some broke free from shame and condemnation. Some felt seen for the very first time. Some felt beautiful and loved like never before. ALL received freedom.

I will tell you this… The Freedom & Fashion girls will change hundreds of lives. The first one changed was mine.

Written by: Mary Margareth