Fashion is the most universal form of communication. Since the beginning of humankind, fashion has been a way to express gender, tribe, status, etc. Today, our choice in clothing can communicate responsibility, status, power, and the ability to be successful (Turner Bowker,2001). We know how important it is for our students to have a positive narrative when dressing themselves and relating to fashion in the world.


In our Freedom and Fashion Stylsit Expereince, we partner with professional stylist that mentor and teach our students new ways to communicate through fashion. They are taken through a journey for self discovery and empowerment. This course has proven to inspire our students and improve their self esteem.

The ability to choose our clothing is a luxury that many of our youth don't have. At the end of the program we provide our students with customized shopping experience with a professional stylist. This experience gives to our students the opportunity to exercise the tools and knowledge they just learned, while meeting one of their basic needs: clothing.